What is Virtual Reality?

STEP inTO the Game

Till the advent of video-games, the experience of playing was largely dependent on the creative mind of a player. Video-games opened up new fantasy worlds, but those worlds could only be experienced from the outside, with players “looking at” instead of being a part of the experience.

Enter Virtual Reality.

Players can finally be “inside” a game, experiencing every thrill, twist and turn.

It’s time to live the game!

Willful Suspension of Disbelief

Experience entertainment like never before! The VR technology we offer you stimulates 3 out of your 5 basic human senses – Sight, Hearing and Touch – thus allowing you to easily accept virtual environment as a real one.

  • A 110 degree field of view completely encompasses your field of vision.
  • Spatial 3D surround sound puts you in the exact sound field as it would be in real life.
  • Infrared laser sensors track your physical movements and recreate your motion input in the game.
  • You become an integral part of the game play, thus allowing for a rich, immersive experience.

What was once the stuff of science fiction is available here & now!

Get ready to enter ForeverLanD

Explore, Experience and Enjoy affordable VR, without the hassle of purchasing, configuring & maintaining the equipment.
  • Explore distant planets and discover what mysteries they hold
  • Experience the rush of a zombie apocalypse
  • Enjoy the thrills and pumping adrenaline of a high speed roller-coaster
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