Play games Stress Free!

At Foreverland, we follow strict sanitization protocols, so that you may dive into your VR play session, stress free!

Arcade hygiene

The arcade is cleaned twice a day, with disinfectants.

Equipment hygiene

As soon as a play session is over, the VR equipment is first wiped down with sterilizing wipes.

Equipment sterilization

Once the wipe-down is complete, the VR equipment is further sterilized with UV light.

Team hygiene

Our team is instructed to wash their hands frequently, especially once a play session is over.

Team health

Finally, if any team member is not feeling 100%, we instruct them to take a break and rest at home!

Additional post COVID-19 protocols

  1. We provide alcohol-based sanitizer at all entry points and require all persons to use it, whenever they enter the arcade.
  2. All persons entering the arcade must subject to have their temperature tested.
  3. Within the arcade premises, all persons must wear a face mask at all times.
  4. Groups must maintain social distancing, and not crowd at any location within, or outside, the arcade!